How to remove Anti-keylogging AOL Shield from windows

AOL Shield is a browser with security features to protect user’s device from cyber threats. It has anti-key logging, scam website blocking and screen grab protection features. Sometimes users of AOL Shield face issue during watching a video or other work which may cause irritability to them. If it also happens to you and you want to hide anti-key logging then either try these steps or take help of tech support team through Download AOL Shield 1-866-429-4641.

How to hide or remove the Anti-Key logging window?

To hide Anti-Key logging windows follow the steps given below and these step only hide anti-key logging features but it will continue to encrypt the keystrokes:

1. To hide anti-key logging open setting by click on menu button from the upper right.
2. When setting page opens then under appearance, uncheck the box next to “Show enhanced security scrambler window.”
3. Now restart the AOL Shield Brower and check it that anti-key logging gets hide or not.

How to get rid of the Anti-Key logging bar during watching the video in full-screen mode?

The purpose of the anti-keylogging feature is to protect tracing of the keyboard from cyber threats and malware but if you want to remove the bar of anti-keylogging during watching the video in full-screen mode follow the instruction given here.

1. You can remove or hide Anti-keylogging bar by moving your pointer to the top of the bar. It will go away or hide from the display.
2. Visit setting and under appearance, uncheck the box next “Show enhanced security scrambler window.” To access setting click on the upper right side of menu button from horizontal lines.
3. Restart the AOL shield pro browser and check if anti-key logging bar gets hide or removed.

If after these steps you find unable to hide Anti-keylogging Windows or bar from your device screen then tech support team will help you to fix it. Just ring AOL shield browser download 24×7 because service of customer support is open for everyone. Protection Status