How to download AOL Shield Pro?

We are now in the modern age where everything is based on advanced technology whether it is any kind of gadgets or services. In the same way, we are introducing the new and quite secure browser AOL Shield pro which was recently launched by the AOL. It has some wonderful features for the user’s safety and security through which the users can browse the Internet in a safe manner. It has Keylogging system which provides the security to the users from the different kind of cyber threats. We are providing the process to the users so that can download and install the AOL Shield pro for their use and if they face some technical error while following the process then they have an option to resolve the issues through Download AOL Shield +1-866-429-4641 where they will be assisted by our well qualified and skilled technicians of level six.

Process with solution

We are providing the solution which users have to follow in a strict manner:

Download AOL Shield Pro Using Chrome

1. In the beginning, the users are required to open their Chrome browser and navigate to the link:
2. The users can find on the right on the AOL Shield Pro download page where they have to click on the blue Download For Free button.
3. Here the users can find in the bottom left and they have to click on the downloaded AOL Shield Pro install file.

aol shield
AOL Shield

4. The users will be asked on the window “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?”,the users have to click on Yes.

user account control
User Account Control

5. Now On the AOL Shield Pro Setup window, they are required to click on Next.

aol shield setup
AOL Shield Setup

6. Now the users have to click on I Agree on the license agreement window.

license agreement
License Agreement

7. After the previous step, they have to click on Install on the configuration setup screen.

configuration options
Configuration Options

8. After that AOL Shield Pro has been installed, now users have to click on Finish.

complete aol shield setup
Complete AOL Shield Setup

9. After the previous step, the users are required to reboot their system to complete the installation process. They have to click Yes on the window that appears asking if you’d like to reboot your computer.

complete installation process
Complete Installation Process

As we can see that the process is quite simple and the users have to just follow the steps in a proper manner to download and install AOL Shield Pro on their system. If in any case, they face any kind of technical issues then they should not worry as we have well qualified and skilled technicians who can assist the users in resolving the issues through AOL Shield browser download without any hassle. Protection Status