How to Download AOL Desktop Shield Pro

Safe net surfing is all we want for online shopping, net banking or another browsing. There are many browsers which have hi-tech security features to protect from cyber threats. As technology grows the issues of cybercrime is also grows. The cyber threats are more dangerous and fast then before therefore to avoid unwanted activity with your account, it becomes too important to use a safer browser. AOL Shield is such browser which allows its users to access safe browsing, emailing, chat services and MI conversation.It protects against viruses, malware, keyloggers, spyware to attract to devices. Due to security purpose, AOL shield shows prohibition to browse some websites because it may be harmful to brows. If User of AOL shield face problem to browse through AOL shield or other technical problem than simply dial Download AOL shield +1-866-429-4641 to contact to the technical support team of AOL shield. The experts fix all troubles related to its browser.

How AOL Shield protect from cyber threats to the device?

AOL Shield has advanced features which help its users to avoid unwanted issues with their devices.

1. Screengrab protection:

For the security purpose of users, AOL Shield has added screen grab protection which protects malware to take pictures of the screen. Usually, the malware takes pictures of the monitor to hack information which users feed on the website.

2. Anti-keylogging feature:

The hackers keep their eyes on the keyboard of users, whatever user type they track it and hack the account. A feature of anti-keylogging avoid it and protect the keyboard from tracking.

3. Block scam website:

The AOL Shield browser block scam website. It also doesn’t allow to open suspicious links to protect users from cyber threats.

The AOL Shield browser is the latest version of AOL browser which has improved its looks, and features but the function of work remains same. It is easy to use therefore users don’t feel hazel to use it. It may possible that users of AOL Shield face trouble due to technical fault then it can be fixed through AOL Shield Download. On this number expert will assist users to dissolve problems. Protection Status